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Welcome to Hong Xinghua Hardware Co., Ltd.

National service hotline:0755-28112205

洪星华旗下公司 Hongxinghua company

Hongxinghua sheet metal factoryHongxinghe electroplating factoryHongXingHua HardwareHongxinghong Electronic Technology
Hongxinghua sheet metal factory

Shenzhen Hongxinghua sheet metal factory Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Hongxinghua sheet metal factory Co., Ltd was established in 1999, after 18 years of training, is specialized in producing high-grade furniture decoration hardware business, the company has more than 450 employees, management team of 80 people, research and development team of 30 people.
The company produced a strong, the production of complete sets of existing products ...

TEL: 0086-755-2811 2205 FAX: 0086-755-2811 2236

洪星华旗下产品 Hongxinghua products

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